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In the early 2010s, ZÖE experienced significant commercial success with one of the top emerging acts of Los Angeles at the time; her band Little Red Lung. As front woman, songwriter and producer, ZÖE toured America consistently with Little Red Lung, during which time they appeared in many artist showcase festivals, including Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, alongside headliners Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, and Björk among many others. Their songs were featured on the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance, as well as several Netflix, The CW and Fox television series, and they were named rising stars to watch on NPR and KCRW. All of these milestones contributed to hundreds of thousands of YouTube views and well over 1 million plays on Spotify.

In 2016, after the death of her father and subsequent disbandment of Little Red Lung, ZÖE decided to take the opportunity, while nerves and emotions were still in the rawest of states, to travel someplace she would never imagine going, to write and record an album in its entirety in the span of 3 weeks. The goal was to both culturally and physically shock her system into a new way of writing and composing.

Upon her arrival in Iceland, she was struck by both the perfection and brutality of its nature, particularly in the winter, when she arrived. The unique landscapes, violent wind, and constant darkness allowed her to completely bury herself in developing a haunting and narrative sound; taking the darker elements of pop and combining them with a moody cinematic landscape, lush with ethereal atmosphere and heavy-hitting hooks. What began as a 3 week project quickly evolved into a 3 month stay, which eventually lead to her permanent move to Reykjavík in 2017.

Her debut full-length album, SHOOK, released 12 November 2021, is a dynamic and provocative 15-song autobiographical journey through the darkest depths of an abusive relationship, and her eventual rise out if its grasp and into finding her true voice, both figuratively and literally.

Each song is a vivid glimpse into the almost ritualistic themes of shaming, gaslighting, manipulation, fear and control, assembled into a complete and tangible exhibition through thick, layered textures, biting lyrics, pulsing, shimmering musical arrangements, and above all, absolute honesty.

Follow up single 'RICOCHET' out now on all streaming platforms! 

Catch ZÖE at Iceland Airwaves Music Festival HERE

"An affecting slice of vulnerable dark-pop that’ll surely reach into your heart!"


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